Kingpost Timbers Traditional Oak-and-Cedar Buildings of Real Character

We can provide you with shelters for the playground, toy stores, gazebos, Conservatories, greenhouses, playhouses, real houses, campers, camping pods, yurts, shower-blocks, toilet blocks, offices, workshops, sun-rooms, staging and decking, garages - all made from sustainable Yorkshire timber.

Parents/Playground Shelter and Toy Stores

Shelters and Sheds.....

Not only can we provide garages, haybarns, tackrooms, feedrooms, kennels and stables, we can build them onto skids or even wheels to make them  portable. We have also just finished designing our mobile stable, which can be placed just about anywhere.

Separate or combination barns and stables

Haybarns and Stables....

Free giveaway for West Yorkshire schools:

Carved Sculptures for High Straggleton Farm, a Whitby Caravan Site

Fabulous School-Ground enhancements:

We have many different designs and door/window configurations for you to choose from. Whether you want an office, classrooms, granny flat or a house; whether you want a permanent or mobile structure, we can help you.

Tiny houses, bungalows, timber-framed campers, classrooms

Houses and Classrooms

From nature areas, to fencing, to mud and construction play; we can turn your school grounds into a vast, cross-curricular learning resource. Click the text or picture to go to our outdoor learning resources site.

Making the Most of your Outdoor Spaces

School Ground Enhancements

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The kingpost, or crownpost roof truss was used as far back as Roman times, to support apex roofs. Many examples of early kingpost trusses can be seen all around the country, the best examples being found in churches and cathedrals.

About Us:

We have been carrying out wildlife-centred woodland thinning operations for over twenty years. Using the timber, we have created some beautiful items, from rabbit sculptures to small, timber-framed houses. Much of our work can be seen in Yorkshire schools, particularly in Leeds and Bradford, the border of  which our sawmill straddles.


Our buildings are not flimsy garden sheds, they are very heavy duty made from solid timbers, to traditional designs using kingpost trusses and age-old joinery techniques.